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The Gift of a Holiday

Are you stuck for a present idea?? Why not give the gift of a holiday?  In a recent radio survey, the Christmas present most people wanted was a holiday or break away.

Headon Farm Gift Vouchers can be bought for any amount and will last a full year from date of issue.  They are easy to get, just contact Linda in the Office on 01409-254477 or email via our website

Why not give your family or friends a gift that will last longer than just Christmas!

Making the most of your time

At Headon Farm Caravan Storage we realise that time is precious!  When you manage to get away the last thing you want to do is spend time washing your caravan or motorhome!  Why not book a wash with us and have your unit all sparkly and clean and ready to enjoy?

Perhaps you would like to arrange a spring clean before your first stay with us on our peaceful Touring Site.  You could also take advantage of our tow to pitch from storage service so when you arrive after your journey you are greeted with your cleaned, pitched caravan ready for you to relax and have fun on holiday.

Just let us know and we will wash your caravan at a time to suit.

Tips for winterization of your caravan

If you are returning your caravan to storage over the winter period, the following tips will help ensure no unpleasant surprises when you are ready to start holidaying next year!

  • Arrange an annual service and/or habitation check if due prior to using next year.
  • Drain all onboard and external water tanks, open the safety drain valve (next to water heater, yellow handle), leave open.
  • Fully open all taps including the shower mixer, shake out any water in the shower hose by unscrewing the shower head and allowing to drain.
  • Run the water pump until all water has emptied. Disconnect the inlet pipe to the onboard water pump, mesh filter and outlet pipe, and re-run the pump for a short time to make sure all water is removed.  Leave the system disconnected during storage.  Use sterilising fluid to clean waste pipe and tanks.
  • Charge your leisure battery for 24 hours prior to placing the caravan in storage.
  • Where fitted, make sure the isolation button on the PSU is in the OFF position
  • If you have an alarm or tracker fitted make sure the leisure battery is connected and a 20A local fuse is in place.
  • The alarm will, in time, drain the leisure battery. Winter temperatures may not affect the level of charge, however to maximise the life span of the battery regular charging is suggested.  To avoid this, we offer a Battery Charging Service – please enquire
  • If no alarm is fitted, remove the battery and store in a dry place.
  • The gas system supply should be isolated at the bottle and the gas manifold taps must be switched off (a condition mentioned in our storage contract). Replace the high-pressure gas hose and regulator if required
  • Check the battery on the smoke alarm and replace if necessary.
  • Clean inside the fridge, turn it off and prop open the internal freezer and fridge door for ventilation if possible
  • Drain the toilet reservoir, empty the cassette. Empty and drain the toilet fresh water tank.  Grease toilet all seals with Vaseline.
  • Secure all windows, skylights and access doors.
  • Clean all fixed ventilation points.
  • Open internal doors/lockers for ventilation, store cushions, bedding in a dry place.
  • Close blinds/curtains, however, if stored for a long period check the tension on blinds.
  • To reduce mould/moisture place water absorbing crystals in locations where they will not fall over if the caravan is moved.

How we look after your caravan or motorhome

Is this the first time you have stored your beloved caravan or motorhome?  You may well be wondering what happens once you have left us. Well, first of all, you have the peace of mind that you have chosen a secure Cassoa Gold standard storage facility. We carefully park all units in storage to give ample surrounding space to allow access to visiting storage clients without the risk of damaging the neighbouring unit (not something all storage sites do as they are often crammed in close together). All of our storage is on hard standing which ensures caravans and motorhomes in our outside storage don’t get damp on the underside that is often associated with grass outside storage.

We make regular checks of all the caravans that are in storage, looking out for such things as unsecured roof lights etc. There is an extensive monitored CCTV system which covers all areas and security flood lighting to ensure safe manoeuvring.  Our wide, all-weather gateways offer excellent access to both the storage and also our touring site.

We offer a personal and  friendly service and have attention to detail, we’re always willing to help to make your storage as easy as possible for you.

If you go down to the woods…

Each Halloween it is a tradition on our Touring Site to give each of our clients a pumpkin to carve and a candle to display outside their caravan.  This year we also included a Halloween Activity Fun Pack with pictures to colour, puzzles and quizzes. On the eve of Halloween we had a visit from ‘trick or treaters’ superbly dressed as scary skeletons!!  (Accompanied by their brother)! Our guests joined in the fun, there were some wonderfully carved pumpkins on display!

The following day the now redundant pumpkins were taken down to our wood called the ‘Hollies’ (a short walk turning left out of the campsite, walking down the hill). We broke up the pumpkins and arranged them carefully off the ground on a pile of wood for the birds and animals to feed on them.  We were particular not to place them on the ground as we have been told that pumpkins are not good for hedgehogs. Whilst out for a walk with your dog if you tread quietly you may be lucky to see an animal or bird enjoying an autumn feast!

Farm Diary – Autumn 2019

There is still plenty to do on the Farm although we no longer have our beef herd.  Over the last few weeks we have been saying goodbye to our farm machinery that we no longer use.  We sold the implements to local dealers, including a tractor that Richard bought with his father in the 1970’s!  At the time the Massey Ferguson 165 was the only tractor on the farm and was used right up to last year.  This wonderful piece of machinery was used to clean out the cow sheds and started every turn of the key!  With the proceeds we purchased a newer secondhand John Deere tractor.  Richard likes John Deere’s so much he wears a John Deere hat and has the nickname ‘John’ in one of the shops in Holsworthy!

The new tractor has been quickly put to work cutting the hedges on the farm.  We do this for practical reasons (it keeps the hedges bushy which helps keep the livestock in the fields).  We also do it as it makes the farm look much tidier. If you walk the lanes around our caravan touring site you may encounter Richard cutting hedges, he will pull over for you!

We currently have sheep visiting us in the rented-out ground.  Sheep are renown for escaping from fields – they always think the grass is greener in the next field.  One afternoon last week we returned to find sheep on our back lawn ‘mowing the grass’ and they did not want to come out!

On your bike!

Attention Cyclists – get on your bike! 

Dust off that lycra and dig out those bicycle clips and bring your bike on holiday with you when you come to our Touring Site at Headon Farm!  We are a short cycle to the National Cycle RouteSustrans 3 where you can hop onto this fantastic network that starts down at Lands End and ends up in Bristol, taking in the beautiful countryside of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. 

If that sounds a bit too much pedal power the quiet lanes are fun to cycle at your own pace where you can take in the verdant Devon countryside just turn left or right from the touring site.  Take a picnic and stop off by a beautiful riverbank or visit the pretty churches that scatter the countryside. 

At Headon we are very often visited by cyclists and the back up teams on charity cycles from Lands End to John O’Groats….  A hot shower, BBQ and free Wi-Fi access to update progress at the end of a days cycling hits the mark and prepares the riders for the day ahead. 

We have also hosted a stop off point for the Childrens Hospice South West Charity Bike Ride – a wonderful event for an amazing cause. 

So however you enjoy cycling Headon Farm campsite is a great base to get on your bike! 

An ‘in-tents’ question!

‘Do you take tents?’ we are often asked.  We would like to let everyone know that at on our Touring Site we welcome campers and their tents!

During the last Whitsun bank holiday our Site was very busy with families enjoying the school holiday. We had a late request from a couple of families with their dogs who would like to camp on the Site but didn’t know if they could stay with us as they were camping with tents.  We were pleased to welcome the group in our camping grounds. The smell of barbequing pervaded the air, the children were having fun running freely and safely and the dogs were on the lookout for dropped sausages!

All campers in tents have an EHU if required, free use of the shower/toilet block and free Wi-Fi.

We look forward to welcoming campers at Headon Farm, in caravans, motorhomes, tents, campervans and trailer tents to stay on our camp grounds and fields!

Motorhomes – Home from home

Travelling with your motorhome means you can surround yourself with all your home comforts and have the flexibility to take whichever road you please.

Many motorhome owners are delighted when we tell them that Headon Farm is open all year, using our motorhome friendly hardstanding pitches, all with EHU.  Our wide entrance gateway gives easy access to our Touring Site.

In the summer many motorhomes like to pitch on grass, but whatever your pitch preference you will always have stunning views of the Devon countryside and we have amazing sunsets!  You may be lucky to catch a glimpse of the wildlife such as foxes, deer and badgers in the surrounding fields.  Alternatively you may have brought your bikes to cycle the many off road cycle tracks that are accessible from our Touring Site.

Whatever your preference the peace and quiet at Headon Farm will help you relax – we look forward to welcoming you and your motorhome!

Birds at Headon

We love our birds at Headon!  The birds we see play a significant part of life at Headon Farm.  Each year we eagerly await the arrival of the first swallows, signifying winter is behind us and summer is on its way.  We even based our new logo on the welcome swallows that arrive from Africa and mark the date we first see the swallows on the calendar.  This year they were just three days later than last year after that epic journey.  The swallows have been joined by the housemartins and are busy making their homes on the side of the farmhouse.  The aerial displays as they approach the nests are spectacular to watch and can be seen from the campsite.

During late April/May we also listen intently for the cuckoo which can usually be heard calling from the wooded areas either to the left or right of our caravan site.  Regular storage clients Ali and Ian whilst camping with us were the first to report hearing the cuckoo and again we marked the date in the diary.  There have been a couple of years we didn’t hear this dove sized bird who lays its eggs in the nests of other birds.  Regular readers of our Blog/Farm Diary will know the verse that Richard’s Gran used to recite to us each year:

The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Its sings as it fly’s
It brings us good tidings
And tells us no lies

It sucks little birds eggs
To make its voice clear
And when it sings ‘cuckoo’
The summer is near

Ali and Ian not only heard the cuckoo but reported seeing a skylark flying vertically into the air in our dog walking field.  The skylark makes its nest on the ground so keep an eye out if you are walking your dog.  Both the skylark and cuckoo are on the RSPB ‘Red’ list so we are very lucky to see/hear them.

At night, when it is all quiet we hear the hooting of owls.  We have a regular tawny owl visit us in the farm courtyard and we have occasionally glimpsed a barn owl fly past.  To encourage him we have installed an undercover barn owl box in our tractor shed with a camera trained inside the box.  We don’t have a resident owl yet but will keep you posted should this change.

Along with these birds we have a black pheasant visit our bird feeding station in the farm garden each day.  He picks up the dropped seed then makes his way across the touring site when it is quiet, you may meet him.  Also feeding we have a pair of nuthatches (which is great considering we are a little distance from the wooded areas down the lanes), greater spotted woodpeckers (who bring their babies to the arch feeder), gold finches, cheeky robins, chaffinches, blue/great/coal tits and house sparrows.  Also for the first time ever, we have had a jay ground feeding.  What a treat!

When the grass in the fields neighbouring the campsite has been cut we see buzzards and kestrels hovering.  The sparrowhawk occasionally swoops in and all the little birds hide in the hedges.

During your stay with us please let us know of any birds you see, or post pictures/reports on our Facebook page.  We’d love to hear about what you see in the countryside around us at Headon.

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