Although we are in ‘lock-down’ due to the Corona virus, the farming calendar still carries on. After a very wet winter here in Devon, we have had a dry spell of weather and all the farmers around have been busy in their fields preparing for turning out their cattle from their winter sheds by getting the grass to grow!

Some of the land here at Headon Farm has been let out to a nearby dairy farmer. Several weeks ago, he applied fertiliser to the ground but in a very considerate way with our caravan touring site visitors in mind! Instead of spreading the liquid fertiliser onto the ground (which would have caused a tremendous smell!) it was injected into the ground! This activates the nutrients quicker greatly reduces any of the ‘countryside’ aroma!

Following this process this week Richard has been rolling the land with his big eight-foot roller behind his tractor. This make the ground much less bumpy for the contractors who will take the grass crop off the fields back to the farm. By not shaking around the contractor’s equipment it is also less likely there will be breakdowns. The effect of rolling is the lovely stripes you can see and makes the farm look great. This year we have also rolled the caravan site as unusually we have no one here!

We look forward to when we can re-open and welcome everyone back to Headon Farm!